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Who We Are

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Garbath is a suction-cup household products manufacturer that mainly produces suction hooks, suction towel holders, suction cup shower caddies, etc., since 2007 in Jiangmen, Guangdong , China.

  • Our service

Our latest designs use our patented suction cup, vacuum system featuring rust-free stainless steel and are manufactured in our metal workshop, plastic injection workshop and our tooling center. This allows us to work with customers who are seeking OEM or ODM products.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality products on schedule and at a reasonable price with excellent service and quality.

How We Manufacture

Quality is our priority, we promise every single piece of product is under 100% quality assurance. We have inspection of semi-finished product on every production process, and final inspection on finished products.

wire bending 297x207

Wire Bending

wire polishing 297x207

Wire Polishing

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Wire  Ware Quality Checking

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Assembling Quality Inspection

Why Work With Garbath

100% OEM service, from material, to product design, to packaging, you can have all the possiblities with Garbath.

Experienced Sales

Expect our professional sales to help you understand your needs and recommend the best products possible to your business.


You can customize your suction cup bathroom and kitchen accessories from materials, designs, dimensions, finishes and packaging etc..


Our OEM service starts at as few as 300 pcs to fit your needs.

Accessories Purchasing

If you need to purchase accessories, you can entrust us to do the work of purchasing for you with an established supply chain.

Fast Delivery

Your order can be expected to fulfill in 20~25 days on average.

Efficient Communication

All of your inquiries will be answered within 12 hours, be it before-sales or after-sales.

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