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Garbath is a suction-cup household products manufacturer that mainly produces suction hooks, suction towel holders, suction cup shower caddies, etc., since 2007 in Jiangmen, Guangdong , China.

  • Our service

Our latest designs use our patented suction cup, vacuum system featuring rust-free stainless steel and are manufactured in our metal workshop, plastic injection workshop and our tooling center. This allows us to work with customers who are seeking OEM or ODM products.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality products on schedule and at a reasonable price with excellent service and quality.

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Brief History of Our Company

June, 2007

Establish Garbath and  get business license from China Government

February, 2008

Make the business goal : develop , manufacture,sell  suction cup bathroom and kitchen accessories

May, 2008

Develop PVC suction cup – the first generation suction system

May, 2011

Develop the 2nd generation suction cup system – small rubber suction cup

March, 2013

Improve and upgrade suction cup into 3rd generation , more  powerful and duration.

June 2017

Celebrate  the 10th anniversary

10Years Experience in suction cup industry
3Product Ranges
112Model Products
1000000pieces selling each year

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