August 14, 2018

Advantages Of A Shampoo Holder Using Suction Cups

It feels rewarding to have an organized home where you have everything set in the right place. Same goes for the important part of your home where you do your routine for personal hygiene and which is also a room for yourself, for privacy and relaxation- the bathroom. It would be great to have a calming and relaxing bath in a soapy bathtub or under a warm shower, and even better if you can easily reach your toiletries such as your favorite shampoo. A shampoo holder using suction cups makes this possible and makes it very convenient. Not only does it make your life in the bathroom a lot easier but you will not go through any problem or fuss instaling it. It is very quick and easy to put anywhere you want it. You can affix it without any complicated steps on how to assemble the product. There’s no need for tools such as screws, nails and a hammer in the process. You won’t have to do any noisy and messy drilling. You also won’t be needing adhesives. Both hammering and sticking could ruin your wall or tiles in the process, or if not, in the future when you decide to remove your bathroom accessory or wish to transfer it to a different location and you realize you can’t. It will just leave holes or marks where you’ve previously placed it and it would be a hassle to take it off anyway. The shampoo holder using suction cups ensures safety for your walls against cracks or damage. It is both time and cost efficient for it is budget friendly compared to the price of other shampoo holders that may need installation.

Garbath uses suction cups with great power, for test reports show that these can hold up to 34kg which makes it highly reliable and heavy duty. The suction cups are designed to be applied to a smooth and flat surface such as tiles, glass or metal. You may also use the silicone glue fix for rough surfaces like lime or painted walls. The suction cups will stick to your wall in seconds, roughly within 1 minute. They are strong and will be able to hold your shampoo in place firmly and securely. It is reusable and you can reposition it anywhere and anytime you wish. Doing so does not reduce its quality and power of the suction cup which makes it long-lasting and can be used over and over. Garbath offers a shampoo holder using suction cups, built for holding 3 pieces of shampoo bottles which is sturdy and durable. It is able to withstand the pressure when you push the bottle for the liquid. The stainless steel finish is perfect for a rust-free bathroom fitting.
The shampoo holder using suction cups is one of the best storage accessories that you can add to your bathroom that will greatly complement your other holders such as soap dishes or towel rings. Garbath offers these bathroom organizers for combined function in DIY style, giving your bathroom your personal touch of elegant design and stylish appearance.

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