Testing and Quality Control

How Garbath Test Heavy Duty Suction Cups

Extreme Durable Suction Power For Home Appliance

Garbath’s heavy duty suction cups mounting system is certificated by the famous individual laboratory-BV that it can pass  a  2 years testing in home using .

To measure a suction cup performance ,  how long it can suck on wall in a certain weights  is a more important point .

Comparing other PVC suction cup  , Garbath’s suction cup is made of rubber materials and hold more time with a special thin edge structure .

Just few of vendor would liked to keep  patience  in doing a 2 years testing by individual test company and show out the report objectively .

Our skilled quality staff  will test suction cup :

1. Out source individual test service such as BV, SGS ;

2. Hanging different weights on suction cup indoor for the duration testing ;

3. Hanging different weights on suction cup outdoor under extreme weather condition

How Garbath Ensure Product Quality

ISO9001:2015 Certified Utilizing quality management system

By carry on  ISO9001:2015 Certified  Utilizing quality management system , Garbath ensures that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

Whatever OEM  or ODM , This quality system will start from raw materials sourcing, producing  to packing , QC department inspect procedure each step.

The skilled QC will on be inspected on production line all time while mass production , checking and record inspection result .

Work with skilled QC for your order

Garbath ISO9001 2015 certification